• Sale of auto parts for Russian vehicles in wholesale

  • Export of auto parts from Russia

  • Sale of auto parts for Russian vehicles in wholesale

About us

If you are involved in automobile business cooperation with PTS Company may become an excellent way to improve your performance.

PTS Company is an exporter of auto parts for Russian (USSR) vehicles to CIS, Baltic, European and South American countries.

Business success of our clients is very important for us since it guarantees of our own growth!


Scheme of work

We seek for long-term cooperation and put confidence, mutual understanding and care at the top of our priorities.

We work both on an immediate availability basis and against orders. That’s way we are able to meet any demand of our clients for auto parts.

Scheme of cooperation with our company is as follows:

You make an order. Our personnel process it within two business days and return it to a You.

When the order is approved the it will be prepared for dispatch. This usually takes from 2 to 7 days.

The goods may be delivered by our vehicles, by any third transportation company or on a pickup basis.

We are absolutely sure that cooperation with our company will help you to improve the performance of you own organization!

Contracts may be entered into Russian rubles, euro and US dollars.

For you:

Deferred payment 120 days

Completion of orders by 95%

Prepacking and packing of products. Marking the products with a purchaser’s barcode

Fast customs clearance and delivery

Providing product certificates

Lowest price on the market

Bank details

USD account:
№ 40702840123000000132
AO Raiffeisen Bank, SWIFT: RZBMRUMM
Correspondent bank: Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas
60 Wall Street
New York, NY 10005,USA
ABA: 021001033
CHIPS Routing No: 0103
RUR account:
№ 40702810723000438105
Povolzhsky Branch of AO Raiffeisen Bank, Nizhniy Novgorod
Correspondent account: 30101810300000000847
RCBIC (Russian Central Bank Identification Code): 042202847
EURO account:
№ 40702978923000000110
AO Raiffeisen Bank, SWIFT: RZBMRUMM
Correspondent bank:
Raiffeisen Bank International AG.
Am Stadtpark 9 A-1030 Vienna. Austria.